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Education Protection Account


Proposition 30, approved by voters on November 6, 2012, established the Education Protection Account (EPA) which appropriates money for support of schools. Voters were assured that these funds would be used to help stabilize school budgets that were impacted by the revenue shortfalls as a result of the Great Recession.

Initiative promised voters the following:

  • Board of Trustees approve annual resolution and spending plan for EPA
  • EPA funds are not to be used for administration
  • District will publish an annual accounting of EPA revenues and expenditures
  • EPA will be included in the annual financial audit each year by external auditors


Annual Reporting Requirements:

2020-2021 Annual Accounting of EPA

2021-2022 EPA Resolution and Spending Plan - Board Approved June 9, 2021



Historical Accounting:

2019-2020 Annual Accounting of EPA

2018-2019 Annual Accounting of EPA

2017-2018 Annual Accounting of EPA

2016-2017 Annual Accounting of EPA

2015-2016 Annual Accounting of EPA

2014-2015 Annual Accounting of EPA

2013-2014 Annual Accounting of EPA