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Developer Fees

School districts are authorized to levy developer fees on residential and commercial/industrial development to fund the construction or renovation to provide adequate school facilities for the student population new development generates. Developer fee rates are evaluated through the Developer Fee Study process. The Developer Fee Study and Board Resolution of Developer Fees are in the links below.

Developer Fee Study April 2018

Board Resolution of Developer Fees - April 17, 2018


Current Developer Fees:

Residential Single Family                            $2.090 Per Sq. Ft.

Residential Multiple Family                        $2.620 Per Sq. Ft.

Residential Senior                                        $0.422 Per Sq. Ft.

Commercial Industrial                                 $0.422 Per Sq. Ft.

Commercial Self Storage                             $0.029 Per Sq. Ft.

To pay your fees please bring a Certificate of Compliance Form issued by the City of Solvang, Building Department and a cashiers check payable to Solvang School District to the Business Office. For questions about developer's fees please contact Sandra Tomasini at 805-688-4810 x 4456 or


Annual Accounting of Developer Fees:

The Developer Fee transactions are accounted for in the Capital Facilities Fund 25. Within 180 days of the close of each fiscal year, school districts make the following information available to the public:

  • a brief description of the type of fee
  • the amount of the fee
  • the beginning and ending Developer Fee balances from the prior fiscal year
  • the fees, interest and other income
  • the amount of expenditures made during the year

The annual accounting must be reviewed by the governing board at a regularly scheduled meeting, at least 15 days after the accounting was made available to the public. 

The 2021-2022 accounting was posted on August 24, 2022 and will be presented to the Board of Trustees on September 14, 2022 for approval.

2021-2022 Annual Accounting of Capital Facilities Fund 25


Five Year Accounting of Developer Fees:

Government Code 66001(d) requires the District to make a five-year accounting of the Capital Facilities Fund 25 and make available to the public 15 days prior to the regularly scheduled board meeting. The Five-year accounting reflects all developer fees received, interest earned, expenditures incurred and a summary by project over the past five years.

The 5 year accounting was posted October 27, 2021 for Board of Trustees approval on November 11, 2021.

Five Year Accounting of Capital Facilities Fund 25 from 2016-2017 through 2020-2021.